LF multiple items

Hi everyone, I’m Lf:

  • Cryo Crossroad w/ SNTNL Anointed
  • Cyro Mirv Hex Grenade
  • Executor Class Mod (Preferably Ultraviolent)
  • Arctic Relentless Night Hawkin w/ SNTNL Anointed
  • High Recharge Rate/Delay Shield w/ SNTNL Anointed
  • Ice Breaker Victory Rush w/ +Cryo DMG, + Cryo Efficiency and/or Weapon DMG.
  • Cryo Lucian’s Call w/ SNTNL Anointed

What I have:

  • Arctic Tamed Night Hawkin
  • Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter
  • Ramshackle Next Day Shockerator
  • Volatile_Temp_Phasezerker

If anything suffices, please let me know. Thank you!

(PSN: YoungG03)

@dstarr_03 I have a cryo mirv hex I’m willing to trade. I’d take the phasezerker class mod.

Ok, perfect! My PSN is YoungG03. Just let me know when you’re available and I’ll send over the Phasezerker. Thanks!