LF Multivitamin Band of Sitorak with Action skill cooldown

I have all the popular Zane weapons with sntnl I’m willing to trade for this one sheild. I have two dictators one redistributor redundant brainstormer Maggie the trevanator the carrier ion cannon lump and several other Zane items to trade along with a god rolled snowdrift victory rush and a god rolled ice breaker victory rush. Also have a band of stiroak with the sntnl movement on it.
I have a lot of moze spash dmg anoiments
The redline shotgun.
Three kybs worth one in x3 and two in x3
Couple bang sticks
X2 orge and also x2 incendiary orge
For Flak I have several god rolled items for him
The ventour bountyhunter class mod with weapon damage jackobs crit and assault rifle dmg
Got Maggie’s with gamma burst and 100%ase
I have two redistributors with ase 100%
Just looking for this one sheild with that annoiment it’s like finding a needle in a haystack