LF Multivitamin Band of Sitorak with Corrosive or Cryo ASE. Preferably with Shock Resistance, but open to whatever element

Thank you for your time.

@NightWindA20383 let me know if you find one with the gunner action skill cool down of the multivitamin sheild please I’d appreciate it highly my good mate.

Will do. I think we will both be lucky to find what we are looking for.

That sheild is so hard to find man I appreciate it is so hard to even to get that sheild to drop I feel the unstoppable drop rate is garbage

Garbage is an understatement IMO.

They really didn’t want people to get that shield huh?

Honestly I don’t think they do. Like I wish it was a world drop it would be so much easier to just run the slaughtershaft over and over to get one

Yeah if it wasn’t for slaugher shaft I wouldn’t be playing right now.

I mean I know the feeling man I know the feeling like I wish they’d hurry up and just drop a load of content and let us go crazy with it

Yeah agreed. I need multiple Slaughter Shaft areas to run. Similar to rifting system in D3.

That’s how I feel hey do you happen to have a rerouter sheild with an acition skill cooldown? Or any with ase element?

no rerouters sorry boss

Your all good I just made probably the most OP sniper flak build without any exploits and it’s kinda funny

Using that with a tankman sheild sniper in shock with gamma burst annoiment

cool seems solid

It is lol I mean using the power siphon grenade with rad to to bring my sheild back up constant and running atom balm to help out rad dmg only thing is he is so slow now but I’ll take slow for the op dmg

oh yeah that seems very good constantly survivability and consistent DPS best of both worlds.