LF Muse Com Help!

LF a Muse Com with at least 3 into illuminated fist and melee DMG sub stat. Have plenty to trade ask and I might have what you want

This ones a real pain in the ass to get. I need this one too.

Guys, i think i can save you. Check your box in a few hours :wink:

Yeah I know it is farmed it for days in the past and best I got was 2 in illuminated fist

For sure man when you get it to me I appreciate it!

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Muse is ready to go. I have psycho stabber 300/90, want it too?

I have the Stabber in 300/90

Sent you some stuff

Ty sir you rock

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Can you save me too? xD We’re already friends on PSN. Is there anything I can send you?

I’m feeling like an Avenger :rofl::rofl::rofl: Np, l will send it later. Maybe if you have a spiritual driver with melee and splash damage.

Cosplay time? :rofl:

I don’t have a driver with melee right now, but I’ll send you a redline like I said last time. Just got one. :crazy_face:

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