LF My Moze - Big Boom Blaster Shield / Bloodletter Class Mods - Gamer Tag is COGS8

For my MOZE.
Looking for a variant of Big Boom Blaster Shield, with as much capacity as possible. Ideally 6k+
Any combo of Capacity/Turtle/Health for the bonuses ideal.
Annointments great, preferred annointment is - exiting iron bear gain increased shield 75% and health for 25 seconds.

Also looking for a bloodletter class mod:
Ideally has any combo of 2-3 Thin Red Line and 2-3 Desperate Measures
0 phalanx doctrines.
Any combo of bonuses will work, ideal ones are health regen, grenade + anything, mag size, shield + anything, health + anything.

COGS8 is Gamer Tag for mailing.

Also let me know if there anything specific you might be looking for. I have 5-6 of the new weapons and a few mods in addition to some groll other weapons, grenades etc…