LF neutral or corrosive scourge with 125% splash annointment

I don’t even know what I have anymore but I probably have something you want

Does a neutral 100% weapon damage anoint do the job for ya? Also have a corrosion anointed with corrosion mags

Unfortunately not, I have that one already. I think the splash annointment is more effective because its multiplicative.

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Anything else you happen to be looking for? I have tons of gear between my two banks and 20 mules. I’m bound to have something you want.

Meant to link you in the reply

Only other thing I need at the moment is a brainstormer that has ASE 50% corrosive damage

bump, still looking for 120% splash annointed scourges

I’ve got a 120% anointed kybs worth that’s shock and cryo if that interests you

no thanks, I have plenty of kybs. Just trying to get the splash annointed scourges for now