LF: Neutral Scourge 130% after clone swap

Still looking for one of these. I’ve got a bango, a fair amount of other artifacts, several anointed shields and grenades, about 60 class mods and 200 or so anointed guns available for trade. At this point if you have one I’ll farm what you want if I don’t have it.

I haven’t played in a couple weeks. But I do believe I have exactly that my friend. Are you still after it.

I am, is there something/s you need?

I am after a really solid raging bear class mod for moze or a piss grenade with the 25% bonus damage on throw aniontment. I pretty much main zane but have all maxex characters with anointed loot for each. so anything else you after? Also I am about 7 hours away before I will be online as of the time of this message. Just a heads up.

I’m sure I have a raging bear stashed away I’ll post it up later. As for Zane stuff I know I have at least 1 move speed shield and a ton of mods I don’t have the grenade but I should have others with that anoint that I’ll post as well. If you need any guns and/or anoints I’m sure I can put a solid package together

No worries. Even if you don’t. Send me a message on xbox at pbodyjel so we can get you that scourge with that anoint. :slight_smile:

I’m actually online now friend.

No iron bear, and all my grenades are ASE anointed here’s some stuff you may want though

On top of that have a barrier anointed double scoville, I also have a kyb’s an emp-5, and a lightning redistributor with no anointment

GT: SJMoos