LF New Cloning Ghast Call grenade!


my PSN is jotheking

I am looking for this grenade if anyone can help me out.

I can trade i have some reccuring hex grenade cryo/rad , lucian call cryo, lyuda x2 fire , Deathless artifact with ammunition 8% , Double chance artifact , Fearmonger (fire/rad) ect !

Thanks alot guys and have fun

Do you have a Deathless with mag size by any chance?

I have deathless but not with mag size i think

I’ll also take an AR dmg or gun dmg one actually! Lmk if you have them. If not if I have a spare Ghast Call I’ll send you one and hopefully you keep me in mind.

yes, i will check if i have one and if i get one i will send you one also !

add me on PSN : jotheking

got shock , rad bone shredder or shock, rad shredifier ? as I got new the new grenade and shield.

Sent you the grenade. If you don’t have the Deathless I’m looking for, but you have what silentrabbit is looking just pay it forward lol.

I forgot to mention Cloning or Riod Ghast Call grenade sorry , the shredifier is blue/purple?

anyone want to trade by any chance?


the shredifier is orange assult rifle!

I have a weapon damage one I can swap for ghast call. My IGN: FlashAhAhh

Also looking for this grenade.