LF New gamma burst weapons, & rad old god

Got theses to trade

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I have a rad old god with rad ase but its 57

That would work is there anything you’re looking for?

Sure I could use a new red fang with 1 in he bites if you have a decent one or a front loader with ase would be nice

Would this work for you?

Sure I’ll probably be on tomorrow or some time this weekend. Thanks

Ok sounds good my psn is stupidfrickenpid appreciate it.

interested in a gamma burst proprietary license? will trade for the gargoyle 250 phasecast

Ya ill be on in a couple hours add me my psn is stupidfrickenpid

Got a frozen snowshoe ASS. Trade for your complex root corr ? I’ll add you later

Yup that will work psn is stupidfrickenpid