LF new Lob shotties, all annoints

GT = conch8 xb1 Have lots to trade for New Lob shotguns. Just let me know what you want and I will do my best to trade.

SNTNL cryo radiation star helix

do not have, sorry

I have 3 good Lobs: 160% splash cryo and radiaition and a shock one with 50% rad ASE

Do you have any of the following?

  1. 125% fire next two mags: Shredifier (kinetic), Carrier, Conference Call
  2. 160% splash: Lobs (Corrosive or Fire), Scoville, Flakker (kinetic rad or fire)
  3. Consecutive hits 1%: Shredifiers (rad or cryo)
  4. 75% health and shields: Recharger (14k+), Transformer

I have cryo & fire w/ sntnl 100% cryo

I have 100%ase corrosive lob, 50% Ase corrosive, shock lob , 25% crit on Ase rad lob
LF annointed sntl gear lvl 53

Assuming everything is level 53. I have Redistributors, fire, shock, rad, & corrosive; all four are STNL active +100 cryo damage. Also have Ion Cannon, 2x 25025, STNL active gain 100 damage cryo, also have Dastardly Maggie, STNL active gain 100% cryo

Jobo, I have lev 53 rad shredifier with consecutive hit , it is a beast, let me know.

I am conch8

Messaged you on xbox

Thx, too cool.

Yeh all 53 I also just found a SNTL 100%cryo lob willing to trade for 53 Maggie and rad redistributor GT: Cyantizt

Hey, Gennesr1, thanks for responding. Give me your GT and I will send the Maggie and the radDestributor, both STNL.

I would like that STNL +100cryo lob and the corrosive lob+100 ase for sure. I would like the other two you listed, is there anything else I might give you?

Nice one dude I’ll trade you them for the Maggie and the ion cannon for sure my GT is Cyantizt I will send you the items when I get on after work thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, I sent you the maggie, the distributor, the ion cannon and a nice trevenator. Thanks

Hey Band, am interested in both of those, what could I do for you?