LF: New Maliwan Takedown Gear Anointed ASE 100%/125%, Phasecast 250%, and Phaseslam 300%. H: Please see my list in my post

What are you looking for to trade?

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I have some good anointed Maliwan Takedown gear

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That’s a lot of Phaseslam/Phasecast :hushed:
I probably have some stuff you’ll want. What’s your GT?

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My GT is Ktown2005

I’m looking for any of the new Maliwan Takedown gear that I do not have on my list, including different elements, with the following anointment: Action Skill End Deal 125% more Weapon Damage or 100% more Weapon Damage. I also want Maliwan Takedown gear that has Phasecast 250% more Weapon Damage or Phaseslam 300% more Weapon Damage.

Maliwan Takedown Gear:
Zheitev’s Eruption
Good Juju
Crader’s EM-P5
Tankman’s Shield
Vosk’s Deathgrip
Juliet’s Dazzle
Kyb’s Worth
Tiggs’ Boom

I’m also looking for the following shields anointed with bonus elemental damage:
Version 0.m
Red Card Re-Charger
Frozen Snowshoe
Re-Charge Berner

Great. Let me know what you have to trade and also let me know what you would like from me.

Execute+ with 125% splash damage/next 2 mags do cryo damage (cryo)
Moonfire with next 2 mags do shock damage (fire)/ with barrier status effect increast by 50% (cryo)
Redistributer with on ASE does 25% crit damage (cryo)
Kybs worth with ASE does 100% damage (shock/fire)
Tankman with next 2 mags do corrosive damage

I’m interested in:
Execute+ with 125% splash damage
Moonfire with Next 2 Mags Bonus Shock Damage
Kybs Worth with ASE does 100% damage (shock/fire)
Tankman with next 2 mags do corrosive damage

Let me know what you would like in return for these. My GT is Ktown2005

Scratch that, I should pay more attention to what trade forum things are posted in, haha

Bekah-ASE 100% damage
Cutsman (corrosive)-ASE 125% damage
Everblast++(corrosive)-ASE 125% splash damage
Lyuda (fire)-ASE 125% damage