Lf new pistol love drill

Lf love drill, the legendary version 100% ase or 100% after rakk. I have plenty of different 57 stuff to trade mainly flak stuff as he’s my main. Let me know I might just have what u want :smiley:

Any gamma burst 57 fl4k gear? I got a 100ase drill.

Yeah I plenty of gamma gear at 57,not online atm but I know I have a dictator with 115 extra gamma while gamma is active. If that doesn’t interest you I’ll post the rest here when I’m on in a hour or so :slight_smile:

So I have a feral prideful red fang with shotgun damage vladof reload and pistol damage, nuclear Jericho with 115 radiation damage while gamma is active, loyal dictator x3 with 115 extra radiation while gamma is active, the duc with 115 radiation while gamma is active.

Red fang and dictator. I can send you 2 different versions both 100ase of drill.?

Or I also have 100ase unseen threat,Krakatoa , cryo scourge, serial killer

100ase love drill and unseen threat please. I’ll add u now and send ur items :smiley:

Sent buddy :smiley:

Sent. Thanks dude. :+1:

Cheers buddy enjoy :smiley: :+1: