Lf : Next 2 mags Light Shows, Recursion x2, Conference Call, Redistributor, Hellwalker


Let me know if you got that, that’d be great. And tell me what you’re looking for

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I think I know what your building haha. I have the recursion, hellwalker and lightshows I think. I also have a god roll hustler class mod. I’m after good plasma coils, and amaras new class mod

Yeah I wanna test the abomination that Zane has become xD seems pretty stupid

Sadly I didn’t farm arms race much so I can’t help you much with that yet, sorry mate. Anything else you might be looking for ? If not, np thanks for answering :smiley:

Yea exactly right haha looks pretty damn fun tbh! Ah im after a good ice breaker victory rush and the o.m shield with elemental ase also if you happen to have them?

My best Ice Breaker is lvl 60 with Splash damage/Ice damage/Mag size, have to check if I have a lvl65 one but rolls are really good on the lvl60 one so I didn’t bother switching xD want this one ?

Don’t have the 0.m yet, but I’ll probably get it tomorrow or thursday: I’ll get Thiccfila’s and moxsy’s save and I believe they got that shield with ase anoint. I’ll dupe one for ya (and if you want anything on the save let me know)

Yea man that 60 sounds pretty good to me. Same with the other stuff lol. I won’t be on for another 5 or so hours but will send it to you then. Ill send you my hustler also with has splash damage, weapon damage and weapon crit

Ok so I got an Improved 0.m with 50% radiation ASE, Ice Breaker Victory Rush lvl 65 with smg dmg/mag size/splash dmg that I’ll send with the lvl 60 one, and a SNTL Plasma Coil. Will send that when I can o/

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Thats amazing! Thanks a bunch. Ill send your stuff right over when I finish work in a couple hours

Dunno if we can senf stuff though, mail and friends still seem busted. Hit me up when you’re on, we’ll figure something out !

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Ah yea thats right hahah I forgot they busted the friends lists. Alright will do!

Bump, still looking for Redistributor and Conf Calls

I have this conference call. Would you happen to have a Frozen heart or snowshoe with action skill start Shield break effect?
If not then a Seeing dead with magazine size, and any dmg bonus would be good.

Yup I got the Frozen Heart. Add me o/ PSN EzioILMentore


Nice, I’ll send the shield when I get back on my ps4 in like 2 hours, thanks !

Sent the Frozen heart, check your mail when you can to tell me you got it, mails are a bit bananas since yesterday, have fun

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Just sent you the conference call. Thanks for the trade!

I have a rad redistributor N2M cryo and a shock one with N2M corro if interested. Do you have any ice breaker victory rushes? Mainly need one with +mag.

Found the Redistributors I needed, but you know what, add me I’ll mail you my IB victory rushes, they have mag size and some good rolls too.

PSN EzioILMentore

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Bet! Much appreciated man