LF nighthawkin with the sntl active annoint

I’m looking for the Nighthawkin with the annoint, while sntl active do bonus cryo dmg. I’ve got a good selection of gear for trade so feel free to msg me on here or Xbox. GT is Ye olde wolf.




Bump up

I have one I can trade for. give me a few. you don’t happen to have a redistributer to trade do ya?

I do. Any certain anoint or element your looking for?

I would love a radiation one.

with a cryo anoint would be nice.

I have a sntl active anoint if that works for ya

sure does. I’ll be on in a few minutes

Sounds good bud. Wanna send me a friend request. I will try to get on soon to send through the mail if that’s cool. I can send first

I might have a few other elements ready to go as well so I can add those too