LF no scope trick unforgiven (compleated)

Looking for a sightless trick unforgiven (425% crit damage) annointed i don’t care

Will give multiple legendaries for one

I’ve got a few legendaries including a
mirv cyro hex
Mirv electric hex
2 annointed fire lucians calls
A scoped trick unforgiven
Some crossroads fire/electric
Some cutsman 1 annointed
And many others

The best I have is 384% crit.

Thanks but i already have a 432% only issue is it’s scoped

Did you by chance recently watch a jotlz video?

Yes, i don’t want for sherriff amara i want for my fl4k.
Joltz made me aware scoped has a lower base damage

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I only ask because I’ve seen a few of these pop up since then and it kinda makes me happy.

I love it with flak. I’m at work now but I may have one in my back. I’ll check when I get home.

I think I have or so of them. People kept sending me a bunch once I did a video on them and then I found a few more just playing.

Are you the same derch that actually made the build or just a fan?

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Yup its me, I hung out with jotlz and K6 when we were all in LA for the gameplay reveal. There should be some pics of us all together with flare and bad karma as well.

K6 has weird eating habbits lol.

Here is my build link


Nice used to watch your weapon comparisons for the craigs borderlands 2 patches

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Need one? Can trade for lvl 50 Flakker, or if you dont have one will give away for free. Epic game name: Sad Marshall

I have a lvl 50 unforgiven too, so dont worry, i just screenshot wrong one its has 1053 damage and 432% crit

I can give you a level 50 flacker ill see what elements i have