Lf nointed CoV weps: Linage, Sawbar, PiP, Skesil

Looking for CoV weapons with any useful Moze annoints(splash, damage, elemental, etc).

Looking for:

Incendiary Moarrr Linage(at least x3)

Shock Skeksil


Embrace the Pain

Pain is Power


Have copies of most good, sought after annointed weapons and grenades. Some shields left as well.

Hit up old Darth:

PSN: Darthquixote777

got any x6 SNTNL bonus cryo dictators?

Only Dictators I have left is a x6 non-ele w Rad on ASE.

I hung a Russet potato from the front of my belt one year and went as a " Dictator" true story.

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I have a good bit of that. Add me same name on psn.

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Added! What type of stuff are you looking for trade my dood?