LF Non-DP Lasersploders All Elements

Will trade two for a good anointed one:

-Cloning Ghost Call
-Really good Bloodletter and Blastmaster (w/ Weapon & Splash Damage)
-Rowan’s Call (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
-Lyuda (All elements) w/ multiple anointments
-Kings and Queens call (All Elements)
-Fire, Radiated & Normal Flakker
-Hex: all recurring w/ terror anointments
-Rain Firestorm
-Crossroads (all elements) & Nighthawkins (Some crossroads r anointed)
-Anointed Cutsmans
-Radiated Hive (Corrosive & Radiated…both anointed)
-Annexed Jericho 100 w/ Splash anointment
-Deathless (Elemental projector, Snowdrift & Ice Breaker w/ good stat rolls)
-Anointed Shields (Stop Gap, Transformer, Front Loader, Recharger, Big Boom Blaster etc)
-Good Phaserkers
-Brainstormers w/ bonus anointment on mags

I have a fire sploder and rad sploder both ase deal 125% to badass etc% and a rad sploder terror heal for 25% of max health stacks

ill trade for em…add me: wxndabread

Accepted your invite, can i see what the rolls are on the bloodletter and snowdrift deathless?