LF non explosive Axton OP8 Build?

so a friend of mine started axton few weeks ago and hes OP6 now.

he told me he tried out everybuild out there
either the explosives one with Ogre/Kerblaster/Swordsplosion and DP
and the one with AR’s like the hail and kitten

and hes saying to me that no matter which build he plays Axton feels super weak in terms of damage

so im trying to help the fella and find whats wrong with Axton for him…

so are there any updated viable fun OP8 builds that i might missed?

maybe you can share some insights/tips what might be the problem …

incase you wonder this is the main build he tried-

Thanks :slight_smile:

Axton has so many good skills that I think you’d have to go out of your way to find a truly bad build (not that they don’t exist, but you get the point). The other characters’ damage/action can be much more volatile than Axton’s though. Zer0, Salvador, and Gaige for example, can bring huge amounts of damage by dint of their available skills. Maya’s damage output isn’t as pronounced as theirs (although the new Cloud Kill changes this equation a bit), but her mobbing expertise can make it easier to manage.

Axton can absolutely get the job done, but in the context of these other characters (Gaige with huge amounts of Anarchy, Zer0 landing crits, Sal on a kill streak, for example), I can see how Axton might seem weak in comparison. If your friend isn’t into Axton with a full-blown explosive build and those weapons listed, Axton’s probably just not his cup of tea.


i think that you got the point
its exactly what i think as well
he compares the axton to hes main zer0 and the ugly Maya he use with Beehawk…

i think ill tell him that he should give explosive axton another try or just let him go xD



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hehe : )

My OP8 Axton is running Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build- you might want your friend to check that out. My new Axton is still at level 72 but is running this build:

His main weapons are a Guaranteed Baby Maker, Casual Swordsplosion, Stabbing Ogre and Rapid Infinity. He’s using an Impact Rifleman com right now- +6 Impact, +5 Onslaught, an Antagonist and a x4 MM with an Explosive Fastball as a backup…

Here’s a totally different direction to go in. It’s Double Up + Gemini, favoring a gun heavy style instead of explosives, and I’ve used it to solo to OP8, kill Hyperius, Pyro Pete, Dexi, and Invincible Son of Craw, as well as beating the circles of slaughter.


This is a short clip showing the build against one of the worst spawns in Digistruct Peak, no Bee, no Moxxi, no Harold, no Norfleet-- just very easily farmed gear, with no FFYL or tension.

May I ask what he didn’t like about my build? I may be able to respond in a few days.

not sure -
he keeps switching shields
always counting on the Bee to do damage…

say’s that without it hes weak or something like that

not sure what’s going on with him and if he like’s Axton or not .

hope he keeps him eventully .

The build isn’t weak at all. Is he slagging? Using his turret? The bee is a 3rd or 4th pick for the build. Maybe axton just isn’t the right character for him.

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honestly i think Axton is not for him…
he uses MM and the Turret for slaggin

and the explosive weapons like DP Harlod/Ogre and Hail

Your probably right the dpuh should not disappoint in the damage department

he left the Axton to play siren:(
its hes lost.

You should have your friend check out Demonite’s videos on YouTube, lots of terrific info on playing OP8 Axton there there

Tell him to get three different element lyuda snipers and a norfleet/nukem. Then he’ll need a sniper ammo relic, and a legendary soldier com, bee shield or sham or anything really. That’s one fun op axton I’ve used and it’s not too hard to get everything, just takes time. It’s also hilarious having three automatic sniper rifles with metal storm/ or fun getting three bullets on a headshot. Last build, use bekah. Late reply but this popped up.