Lf: non GR, good annoints lv60 m4+

As the title says, I’m looking for gear that has proper anointment. Doesn’t have to be a god-roll tho.

Reflux w/ ASE 100 or elemental 500
Facepuncher 300/90
Yellowcake ASE splash damage
Ion Cannon 300/90

I’m farming so i dont have much yet so ask and i will see if i have it.

GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

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Whats your gamertag? I have a spare pearl

GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

Oh yeah I remember, I’ve got a consecutive hits root you can have too,will send them over in a little while

Sent buddy

Thanks bro! Lanie dixon is giving up literally nothing but non anointed Roots.

I got loads as just random world drops while playing the dlc and quite a few off of the ruiner. No problem at all :yum: