LF Ogre, facepuncher, spring epicenter etc

2 shot Ogre w/ cryo while terrified

Spring epicenter w/ 25% damage on throw

Elemental projector deathless relic with quality bonus stats

Frontloader or stop gap with terror ammo regen and boosters(dmg, dmg reduction or shield)
Facepuncher with terror on melee, 14x preferred.

I have loads of gear to trade, all anointed. Just let me know what you are looking for.

Do you have radiation infinity pistol with extra projectile? If so, I got your facepuncher.

I will check when I get home shortly. Anything else on your shopping list in case I don’t have it?

Moon fire with extra projectile, king/queens call extra projectile, band of sitorak with +50% fire, corrosive, radiation.

i have an anointed spring epicenter but don’t remember what anointment

I have some of that. Looking for Zane annointed Scourges, Zane executor class mod with mag size, re-router shields, 1% lyuda or terror crit, and terror apply shields/grenades.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of the items you need. I have also been trying to get an anointed band so I will keep you in mind if I have any luck.

I have a few terror apply shields and grenades and maybe another items from you list or two. I will put up a list in a few gotta check the mules.

If it IS the 25% damage for 6 seconds anointment I am very interested.

Do you have any 100% damage after rakk attack Maggie’s?

no its an apply terror

I have an impaler, black hole, epicenter, shock widowmaker and corrosion Fastball with terror on ASE.
A Rough rider, impaler, red queen and widowmaker with 25% terror on melee.
A 2x n/e lyuda with increased crit when terrified. And a few re-routers.

Bummer. Thanks for checking.

no prob

No rakk attack Maggie, sorry.

What re routers do you have? Any with increased recharge rate?

Sorry for the delay. They both have max health.

I have an Ogre with +50% cryo on SNTNL, though I’m not sure which VH you’re playing. I also have an anointed BoS and a Front Loader (can’t remember if it’s anointed or not, but I’ll check later).

I should be on my Xbox tomorrow.

What’s the anointment on BoS?

I won’t be back on my Xbox until tomorrow. I’ll let you know then.