LF Ogre/Kybs x2 Next 2 mags 125% Fire Dmg

If anyone has a spare they could send me, or any specific items they are after I can look and see if I have it. Kybs needs to have corrosive and mag over 34. Both x2 shots.

PSN jordancole20

I’m looking for that same same Ogre for months now! Especially not annoint is buffed.

If I find it I’ll hyu a copy.


I cant decide if farming the dude on Anvil is worth it or if id be better off just farming random bosses like Grave. It has been my observation that dedicated drops arent working out for me.

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Lol I just posted the same thing, keep me in the know bud and I’ll get you the Moze gear I do have that’s good!

I’ve gotten the few ogres I do have from Graveward.

thats what I am leaning towards. Just farm the heck out of Grave and see what drops. The plus side of something like Grave farm, he drops way more relics and COMs, while Alpha i see maybe one legendary every few runs.

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@twoPIZZA could tell you better, he’s been going hard on that Annointed dude. Ive only farmed him <50 times since the event.

Tbh, I’ve gotten all the Ogres(4 so far…) I have now in SS.

Ffs, pull my brain out my nostrils @gearbox

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If the fix the drops it’s worth it. I had about 3 hours of working Drop Rates on the weekend and it was good, I had lots drop. But the rates reverted and now it’s garbage again. No point in farming Alpha.

So you feel alpha drop rate isn’t working as intended? I have noticed several times he won’t spawn when I go in the room and I have to exit the game and try again. Bit sure if that’s event related or just bl3 bug in general

Yesterday I picked up a x2 w/next 2 mags 50% shock damage.

I have never had him not spawn. Sometimes on the first run there after fast travel he takes like 45 seconds to come out, but after quitting and starting he’s there everytime.

The drop rates are very bad. Not worth it at all until they fix it. When the event started until yesterday I spent about 25-30 hours and the only time i got boosted drop rates was for like 3 hours the night they fixed them. The next day it was back down to an Ogre every hour and a half minimum

Just picked up a x1 ogre with incendiary damage on next 2 mags.