LF Old God Shield Radiation with anoint

LF Old God shield Radiation LVL 57 hopefully with the anoints - On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate or slide refills shield. Other anoints might do. I have a ton of M10 weapons, and other gear to trade. Thanks Tom dot66

I have a 18k radiation old god with ase trigger on shield break effect and a 15k radiation old god with while sntl 15% movement speed

Great. I would like to trade for them I can you send some more artifacts and/or class mods?
I will still be looking for the ASE CD and/or sliding. I will also check your post to see if I have anything new that meets your requests. Otherwise, I did find a M10 lob 150/ 50 fire that currently is destroying Killavolt in under two minutes, and most other enemies with a blue shield bar and red health bar. I could send you a deathless that makes it work even better. Let me know. thanks Tom dot66

A couple good lvl 57 class mods for flak for moze would be awesome buddy

will do.

Cheers buddy. I’ll send them over soon as I get up tomorrow

Gear sent. thx

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