LF Old God, Stinger and a few guns

Lvl 60 shock Old God with ASE bonus elemental damage

Stinger with AS shield break/fill (I’ll take any element)

300/90 x14 facepuncher

Gargoyle and Beacon with 50/150 or SNTNL cryo, Light Show with SNTNL cryo

Got a lot of stuff that isn’t being used just lying around in my bank. Let me know if you’re looking for anything specific and I’ll see if I’ve got it.

Shields, COMs and relics will be either lvl 60 or 57. Guns are lvl 60 unless they’re Cartel gear

I got you covered with the gargoyle, beacon, and lightshows with SNTNL cryo.
Got a snowdrift otto idol on you with mag size, or do you have any raging bear, rocketeer or blast master COMs?

I’ve got lots of blast masters with weapon damage

For blast master are you looking for specific skills like +4 to Vampyr?

Edit: sorry, my first reply wasn’t a reply to you

As long as there is a point for redistribution, you can dm me images of the ones you have.

Bump. Still looking for the shock Old God with ASE and Stinger with ASS, as well as the 50/150 guns