Lf : Old God, Transformer, Stop Gap, Plus Ultra with terror Ammo Regen

^ Topic.

I got plenty of stuff to trade, god roll stuff, Vindicator Ghast Call, Terror Front Loader, urad/N2M Lucky 7’s for a good old Fl4k Norris, ask for anything you’re looking for.

Got transformer for you. Add me when it’s possible :joy:

Mailed a double adrenaline and double health plus ultra with terror ammo.

Wow thanks so much dude. Can I help with anything ?

you’re the mvp. Can I repay you with anything ? Adding you rn

Np​:wink:. Your lucky 7 urad seems to be cool, or the double health plus ultra you just receive :grin:

I’ll send both then ! Thank you !

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Much appreciate !!! Transformer will be in your box in a few hours :+1:t5:

Don’t worry about it mate, it’s all good

Shield sent.

Thank you, will send your stuff when I get back from work !

Sent it, if you didnt get it let me know I’ll send back

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I have this

Are you looking for anything specific I can help you with ?

Um I’m only looking for a it’s piss with ase applies terror for 18 secs or a Elemental Projector Victory Rush with mag size and shock or corrosive sub stats, my psn is R4y2a1n add me I’ll send you this regardless

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Got the Piss with this anoint but its a level 50, never bothered to upgrade it since I use it for the anoint and enemy debuff. Want a dupe ?

And the Elemental Projector Victory Rush I got is level 60 with Mag side/Splash damage/Action skill cooldown rate. If you want it let me know. I’m adding you

Yeah I’ll take a dupe of the it’s piss and the projector would be awesome it will have to do

Sent you the shield