LF Old God w/ASE 50% incendiary

Will trade anything i have for it. Idk if I have what your looking for, but let me know and I’ll surely check.

I have 2 Old gods w/ ASE 50% Fire. One tuned to fire damage and other to radiation.

I got one, do you have a STNL cryo sand hawk or monarch?

@Rusiana870 what would be looking for in return for the fire tuned fire old gold?

@seniorjoel95 unfortunately no. I have a sntnl cryo kaoson, but no sandhawk or monarch. It’s yours if you want it

Okay deal. PSN - JuniorSenior95

A SNTL Redistributor or an ION Cannon x2 ASA 200%. PSN me and we can figure something out.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

@Rusiana870 i have neither of those in sntnl cryo nor m10 damage values for that matter. Maybe we can work something out tho

@seniorjoel95 adding you now and sending gun your way

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It’s a shock one with 50% inciderary ASE, hope that’s okay.

That’s ok

Thanks for the trade :slight_smile:

No problem. Ty 2