LF one of these have gamma burst anointed lucky 7

I’m looking for dlc guns with “enemies damaged by rakk attack take 100% increased damage for a short time” or 100% ase buff or a R4k p4k mod with SMG damage, weapon damage, splash/AoE damage, critical hit damage, action skill cooldown.
If you want this and have something that may suit me let know.

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Add me I have several of the new guns anointed for Rakk Attack 100.

Corosive Heartbreaker
Lucky 7
Burning Scoville
Auto Aime
Rad Slow Hand

PSN jorgeammo

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I just jumped off to pass out but I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning.
Do you have any craps or cheap tips with the rakk anointment?

Craps I have 100 ASE
Have a Binary ION laser Corosive/Rad in 100 ASE too.

Cheap tips I don’t have with those anointments.

I’ll trade it for the 100% ase craps. I’ll send a request in PSN I’m megadethwm.

Wha else are you looking for? Really interested in that Lucky 7 Rakk Attack one.

A good artifact with AOE incindiary Damage and various Infinity Pistols in 300% Slam and 250% cast or Rakk Attack.

Also looking for god rolls on some of the new class mods. Weapon Damage, Weapon Critical Damage, Pistol, Shotgun, SMG Damage, Jacobs Weapn Crit, Vladof Weapon Crit. Some combination of that.

just messaged you on psn, interested in some of your stuff

Hey I would really like that lucky 7, I have some things you need, I will send when I get back from work. Psn: BeenProSinceDay1

I’m pretty sure I still have the other gamma anointed one I got, I’ll have to check I’m only half way through my work day myself.
I think it has crit instead of reload.