LF One Shotter Shield

Specifically one with ASE radiation or corrosive damage. I have tons to trade, just let me know what you’re looking for?

Do you have a lvl 50 version already.

No I don’t have one at all.

I can send you a lvl 50 with sntl speed. I’ve been looking for a lvl 53 so when I get it I will send that as well

Sent your way.

Thank you very much! If I come across the level 53 one I know where to find you.

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How did you even find one? I’ve literally been checking every purple drop for months and haven’t even seen one.

What’s up dudes, I’m looking for m10 x20 anarchy’s with sntnl cryo. I have 3 lvl57 one shotters I’d be down to trade

Got mine with trade.

Don’t even think that’s a legit one, since everyone seems to have one the +50% ASE Corrosive damage.

Looking for anything else for a One Shotter? I don’t have an Anarchy with sntnl but have a bunch of m10 stuff.

If you’re assuming my one shotters are modded, you’re mistaken. I don’t carry or deal with that stuff. Neither do the people I play with. They were all legitimate drops. I have corrosive, cryo and one with an attack command anoint. Lol no one in their right mind would make an illegitimate one shotter with that anoint.

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I’d trade for some good sntnl cryo or gamma gear. Let me know if you have any of that.

Are you the one who traded me the one shotter ?

I do have those with GB : (base damage)

+115% Gamma Burst

  • Cryo Juliet’s Dazzle (6182)
  • Non elemental Kaoson x1 (5616)
  • Non elemental Hyperfocus 35mag (3147)
  • Cryo Conference Call (1427x5)
  • Non-elemental Tidal Wave (1998x16)

For the +50% ASE Cryo One Shotter, if something interests you :wink:

Lol I was wondering that. Im pretty sure you got it from me. Name looks familiar. Ya dude, I’ll do that cryo Juliette’s dazzle

I have a cryo SNTNL cryo kaosin, 2 gamma burst kaosins, incendiary gamma burst kaosin, gamma burst D.N.A, gamma burst radiation lob, gamma burst shock lob. That was just a quick look.

Is the fire gamma kaoson x2 ? If yes, I’ll do that. If not, I’ll do the dna. Which one shotter did you like?

Unfortunately it is not x2. I’ve farmed Traunt for days just trying to get any x2 variant but have had no luck. Have got plenty Kaosins to drop though. And I guess the corrosive one would be nice. My gamertag is SpaghetiSaturdy.

Ok. I’ll get it to you when I’m done eating. Ya, I know what you mean. Traunt farm is easy, drop rates are good, anoints are hard to get though. I’ll take the dna then. Thanks man. GT is daturdburglar86

Sent. Take your time, man. I’m about to grub too.