LF: OP 8 Norfleets - All Elements and Slagga and OP 8 Sheriffs Badge

I can offer these weapons in return
All OP 8

Critical Interfacer (Corrosive/Shock)

Potential Butcher (Slag/Normal)
Guaranteed Avenger

Dynamic Logan’s Gun
Loaded Maggie
DP Unkept Harold
Deep a Nukem
Critical Conference Call (Normal/Fire)
Vengeful Infinity (Corrosive)

Practical Lady Fist (Normal)
Elegant Rubi
Flying Sandhawks (Shock/Fire/Corrosive)

Sham (94%)
Inflammable the Bee

Class Mods:
Legendary Cat
Legendary Bezerker (72)

Bone of the Ancients (Shock/Corrosive)

Grenade Mods:
Chain Lightning
Magic Missiles

Would love to get the butchers off you. I’ve got the slagga, norfleet (not sure how many or element) and sheriffs badge. I’ll be on tonight. Send me a message on here or add me:
PSN: A_Farewell_Fix and let me know it’s you.

Have all elements norfleet at op8. Iso there items at lvl 72:

Interfacers (all elements)

Will do 1 for 1 . PM me or hit me up on psn, danNYSamber

Can you add E-tech_nausea. We have had issues finding you and therefore we couldn’t add you.
Just remember to say what you are willing trade and what for.

Sent you a friend request

Have all elemental Norfleet’s with reload speed’s 3.4-4.1 along with an OP8 Sheriff’s badge as well. If you have anything to offer message me on PSN PansyStatus

Tesan, When are you online

Online Now! Add E-tech_Nausea if you want to trade! Remember mention what are you willing to trade in the friend request message

I´ll be online in 2-3 hours from now.