LF OP advice for Krieg

This is my current build: http://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#50500512340150550005141132233100000

But I want to sharpen the focus a bit more so I’m thinking of this:

I’m using a Rough Rider for the shield with main weapons being a Slagga, Rapier, Heartbreaker and DPUH (which I switch out with a Kerblaster if ammo gets low or a Big Badaboom if I know the opposition is going to be tough). I’ve looked at a lot of the builds here and the suggested gear- most of it I have, including the legendary coms but others are (like a Hide of Terra) are still on the wish list. I know from running my other characters thru the Peak that surveyors will be a major pain- will using a Flakker be my best bet? And will a level 72 RR carry me to the end of the Peak or should that be replaced- and if so when? For my other characters I usually replaced their gear at about OP4 (depending on who it was). Any other suggestions anyone wants to make?

Against surveyors you’re better off with pretty much any hyperion weapons, specially shotguns.

About gear level, I suppose a couple of new weapons and shield at op4 and 6 should be enough to carry you until the end of op7.

You may want to take out that points from Blood Trance. Looooooong BXR’s are quite complicated.

This is my build, not the best but works OK OP’s.

Using Leg Reaper. Focusing mainly on keeping Bloodbath stacks on 100. Shotguns focused mainly.

Probably @Gulfwulf or @Giuvito can give you better advice mate.

Krieg is best in the OP levels if you focus on either mania or hellborn and use bloodlust as a support tree. Do you want to shoot elemental weapons or explosive weapons? Do you want to go primarily guns or melee? Do want a hybrid?

For a full on, explosive Krieg who slices and dices through his enemies as well as doing Mr. Torgue proud, you’ll want this spec.
Gear wise, you’ll want:
Rough Rider (don’t use a Hide of Terra with Silence the Voices! You will down yourself more frequently).
Casual/Rock (from Tina’s DLC) Ravager/Carnage with a Practicable Corrosive Conference Call for Buzzards.
Slippery/Nasty Ogre/Kerblaster (the Ogre’s better, but a KB will do in a pinch). I’ve taken out Buzzards with a slippery Ogre in OP 8, but it’s a bit tricky.
Explosive Badaboom
Storm Front
Leg. Sickle
Blood of the Ancients with whatever extra ammo you run out quickly (shotgun, pistol, and RL are all good choices).

With this loadout, you shoot and throw your grenades to make things explode and to build bloodlust stacks. Once you reach 33% health, activate Release the Beast and mow through your enemies. After you’ve killed one, switch over to your thrown ax to take advantage of buzz ax bombardier and fuel the blood (extra explosive damage). When you’re done rampaging, just rinse and repeat.

If you’re looking for more gun style, go with a hellborn/mania build. I think @BookEmDano had a good build he uses. I generally stick with a mania/bloodlust, so someone else will have to provide more information for that. I would go with the mania/hellborn build for the peak because you need a tanky Krieg to be able to get through there and bloodlust doesn’t really offer him a whole lot of survivability unless you’re very, very good or have friends.

Thanks for the advice- I’ll give it a try. Don’t have a corrosive CC at this level but I do have both a non-elemental Butcher and Interfacer (still getting used to the firing pattern of the Interfacer though) and a Quasar instead of Storm Front. As far as relics goes: what’s the better choice- a Blood of the Ancients, Skin of the Ancients or explosive (or does it pay to keep all 3 types on hand)?

Hey, sorry for entering the thread late.

A special apology to @xmngr who was even kind enough to give me a shout out.

Hey @Carlton_Slayer, here is my few bits of advice.

  1. Any explosive build should invest on Bloodbath and Fuel the Blood. I often don’t even bother slagging in situations where I can take on a smaller weaker enemy and hack down the main competition (in OP levels the presence of smaller spiderants, horned skags, and a few easy to kill opponents makes grenade damage very useful).
  2. I like your use of boiling blood, I feel it is often ignored.
  3. Blood trance isn’t as useful as you may think. It is very helpful before UVHM, but becomes a pain afterward. I often tank, and dodging rockets and cycling between RTB is pretty much my job.
  4. I am going to receive a great deal of hatred for this, but; I’m not a super big fan of STW. Especially not at the expense of StV. STW banks on the idea that you’ll be taking a lot of consecutive hits, and I find myself dodging and exploting health gate more often that I’m willing to absorb the shot.
  5. StV I feel is an “all in or all out” kind of circumstances. Opting out of it would allow you to use highpowered roid shields, but if you do opt in to it, you have to pretty much invest all the way through.
  6. If you are going to invest in Hellborn with a mania loadout, Fire Fiend is very necessary. I very often avoid death by setting myself on fire with numbed nerves, taste of blood, rtb and the RR all working in unison.

Specifically in response to your Flakker question. I do like it against larger enemies, but I more often than not use the Swordsplosion, ahem, sorry, SWORDSPLOSION!!!

The arc allows you to hide behind cover and work your way into a nice kill streak.

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I’ll take this advice too bro. I am with an explosive K now (AGAIN).

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Oh wow bro. Glad it could help. :smile:

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Oh btw, that’s the actual build for the main K I have though xD

Thanks for the tips. Krieg is the last character I have to get thru the OP levels and while I love the melee part of him flying or distance attackers are always a pain for me. I might spec out to a more gun centered build later but I started him in the Bloodlust tree and want to finish at the top with it if I can.

Harold deals with Surveyors easily enough if you get them to take a run at you. That or Hyperion shotties and plasma casters. I upgraded the Rough Rider every couple levels because the health bonus will help absorb StV self-hits.

Melee Krieg at the Peak is really, really tough. The farthest I made it solo on OP8 was the Assassins which took every ounce of patience that I could muster. It’s just too dependent on chance with StV and spawns to be practical. You’ll spend more time throwing Buzzaxes than swinging it. Another conundrum that I had a lot of times was whether to heal or bring my health down into RtB range. Healing yourself is counterproductive to melee and flirting with the 33% threshold only leads to FFYL. Too much left to chance running melee and that is why it is once of the most difficult challenges in the game if you ask me. Melee Krieg is amazing at mobbing just not at the Peak.

Try melee but be prepared to switch to a gun-focused build when the frustration hits critical mass.

I actually always feel a bit awkward giving solo advice.

Cause the only time I ever do solo is to farm, any other time I’m either in 2 player mode.

@Expediter is the only person I know to have run a non-Hellborn build solo through the Peak.

Technically I don’t think any of us are qualified on the subject but it is what it is. The only advice I feel qualified to give is to not run melee if you value your sanity.

Bro, would any of us play Krieg if we did?

More hanging wires on this subforum than average, I’ll tell you that much.

Thought all of you soloed digi peak OP7-OP8 with K.
Well , I did it once…with my actual K in summer. Saturns were a pain in the ass. Took a really looooooooooong time though.

Gear was something between OP6 and OP7. The other K’s were coop wit muy cousins. OMGWTH dropped INE of the Butchers I have

Congrats, that’s very impressive. I’m assuming using your previous posted build running Reaper. However, I still don’t think it can be done melee which is the point I was getting at for OP.

Yeah, was Reaper. But I fell into FFYL a lot of times. Just SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT, an OP6 Slagga and OP7 DPUH and hiding a lot of times. Was a lot of times near failing the quest.

Tried melee. NEVER AGAIN. Good to mention, that build is quite Kamikaze. More destruction than survivality.

Damned auto corrector.

Oh no. I went through along with Maya and Gaige. I did, however, take on OMGWTF on OP 7 by myself because my partners died before we were able to reach him. Now that was an experience I’d rather not repeat. I would not recommend a melee Krieg on the peak because of StV and how the spawns work. If I were to do it solo, it’d be a mania/hellborn build.

I won’t do DP solo again. Was a really tough stuff.

Decided to try builds and other stuff in Bloodshot Stronghold por Bar Brawl.

A full bloodlust build with the sham and bee might work at the peak if you don’t invest points into anything that affects your shields’ recharge delay. Fastball into Bloodbath with a bee-amped pimp or flakker helps a lot with ammo issues.