Lf Op Q w Urad annoint

Also looking for a ass messy break up, corrosive element.
i have a bunch of level 65 stuff especially ass shields.

PS4: BeenProSinceDay1

I’ve been grinding for Messy Breakup with that same element and anoint. I’ll let you know if I find one, ya? As for OPQ, I only have a Gamma Burst one. Wish I could help there.

I have a ass messy with shock. I need a urad trick unforgiven or a mitosis hunter seeker

Still haven’t found a Corrosive Messy. I’ve been on the grind for 3 days.

i have a opq with urad level 65

How? Do tell :face_with_monocle:

Got an opq (lvl57 of course) urad if you still need.

Gbx are sticklers for that stuff man. Don’t get banned.