LF op10 fire flying sandhawk, shock veruc and possoibly op10 electric chair grenade

looking to trade for these items (main one being fire flying sandhawk and shock veruc) , got certain op10 items I can offer in return like:
corrosive flying sandhawk
shock flying sandhawk
bee shield
the 2 rainbow shields
the 5 rainbow guns (sniper, smg, shotgun, and 2 others)
slag pimp sniper
double penetration torgue gun
fire veruc
corrosive veruc
fire sniper (from gettle)
shock sniper (from gettle)
corrosive sniper (from gettle)

just message me my id is silentrabbit003 and we can sort something out :slight_smile:

Hey dude, I don’t want anything you have to trade but if you can pick up
an OP10 Blockade with low delay & high recharge for me, we can do

For the shield I’ll trade an OP10 fire Flying Sandhawk & OP10 Electric Chair
with 0 fuse.

PSN dogstar13

messaged you dogstar13 anyway and blockade ? first time I heard of that

Blockade is a great shied (damage reduction) that drops from the Ancient Dragons. Farming that at OP10 will be tough!

I noticed, the dragons are complete impossible mostly on op10 even with 3-4 people it seems as if one or two screw up on killing them , it then ruins whole kill and everybody seems to die in it o.o

Must kill those devious dragons in the most specific order! Ok, so I’m a lame duck and cant spit out the info on the order ATM of kill, but I can find out and return. Something to the effect of Slag, then shock, then, & so on (ive just made up those 2 as example). Have a friend who knows them well. I’ve a mere lvl 72 blockade myself, but absolutely enjoy (I’m op2 current, tho whose to say where I’ll end up after lvl 80, im a bit lost on that currently)

Link here : Raid Detail Assault on Dragon Keep Solo How To


Ill be able to get you a flying fire sandhawk for a shock flying sandhawk.

yeah i could do that :slight_smile: but need to check to as got 2 types pf shock flying sandhawk

Thsnk you, please get back to me soon.

but send me request on ps4 anyway and we can sort it out on there as sometimes dont pay attention to forums as much at times so hard to keep track when people reply but probly be on in other 8 hour as guess but respond to friend request soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Sent it

yeah get on in sec been busy day but like to help out back if i can :slight_smile: