LF: OP7 Corrosive Sandhawk

My game saved when I was farming a Sandhawk for someone else and I don’t really want to reset just for an OP7 one. Need it for the peak, happy to trade, or maybe help you get through the peak on another character, or whatever.

IIRR, if you finished the OP 7 Peak Run, you are now OP 8 and don’t have to run it at OP 8, except for Bragging rights.

Unfortunately, without even looking I know I only have OP 8’s and 72’s in sandhawks. Have you tried @Kurtdawg13 or @barbrouge391 to see if they have one

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Yes, he reached out to me over the weekend xbox live. :wink:

Unfortunately(as I see it, fortunately) I don’t have any OP7 gear. NOTHING. lol

It’s all good, unexpectedly I got helped through to OP8 anyway. Thanks guys for the replies :slight_smile:

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I have a small random assortment of Legend gear and unique’s from OP 1 to OP 7, mostly from the times I would notch up the level of my power leveling sessions and picking what dropped up. but have not farmed much yet in the OP levels and haven’t saw fit to restart the game for mission specific items.

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