LF OP8 Blood of the Ancients

I’m looking for an OP8 Blood of the Ancients with shotgun, and AR ammo. I’m tired of farming LLMs for it. Let me know what, if anything you want in return for it.

PSN - BackOffoRDie

I’ve got one. I only use relics for shield boost or elemental damage boost so you can have it. I’m on vacation until Sunday night so no PS3 but I will be on Sunday night and during the day Monday. Join my game and I will drop it for you. KDE676.

Awesome. Sent the friend request already. I’ll gladly wait until Sunday, or Monday than continue farming. I’m at the point where farming is just tedious, and irritating now.

Maybe see the doctor. Farming is always fun!

seeking help leveling to 72 or op8.
also looking for guns/gear after leveling.
im level 63 commando with torgue,tina,hammerlock,oasis, and digistruct peak dlc.

also have presequel with 60+ level athena and claptrap dlc.

psn: number1rusher

would really like a level 72 or op8 infinity gun too. Ammo/money really are an issue in UVHM :frowning:

i also have level 50 rares i can trade to lower level players who have high level guns in their vault they can’t use