LF OP8 Butchers

Currently looking for OP8 Butchers. I haven’t got much to trade since I haven’t imported my other characters yet. I’m after one of each element. Everything I have to trade is OP8. PSN is Kaitsja

Predictable Interfacer (Corrosive)
Wild Seeker
Fwap a Ahab
Deep Seraphim
New and Improved Omen (Fire)
Binary Infection (Corrosive)
Fwap a Tunguska
Monstrous Storm (Electric)
Expeditious Wanderlust (Slag)
Patrol Bearcat (Corrosive)
Rappid Badaboom
React Hornet (Corrosive)
Rightsizing Bitch (Corrosive)
Puissant Pyrophobia (Fire)
Skorry Lyudmila (Corrosive)
Ornery Tidal Wave
Binary Rubi (Corrosive)
Chikamin Buffalo
Miss Moxxi’s Creamer
Alkaline the Bee
The Bee
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Marxman’s Tinderbox (Fire)
Evisceration Grog Nozzle (Slag)
Tiny Tina’s Cobra
Heart of the Ancients (SMG Dmg/Fight FYL)
Altered Beast Class Mod
Unhinged Hoarder
Neutral Good Monk
Legendary Soldier
Chaotic Evil Monk
Lawful Good Monk
Chaotic Good Monk
Lawful Evil Monk
Chaotic Good Monk (Asbestos/Money Shot)
Chaotic Evil Monk (Variant)
Chaotic Evil Monk (Variant)
Lawful Good Monk (Variant)
Neutral Good Monk (Variant)
Sticky Longbow Meteor Shower
Sticky Homing Meteor Shower
The Sham
Blast proof The Bee
Grounded The Bee
The Cradle
Dobby Patriot (Fire)
Redundant Logans Gun
Legendary Gunzerker
Magic Missile (Slag, 4 child grenades)
Breath of the Seraphs

I can drop those for you. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami