LF OP8 legendary nurse

Like the title says. I have lots of good legendary gear. Psn is same as username. Would love to add some friends as well.

Send me an fr. w/ a description of what you need. I have a lot legendaries myself but what I really need is an OP8 trespasser sniper (blue). Otherwise, If you don’t have it, I’ll just let you know later once I figure out what I need.

Don’t have a trespasser unfortunately. Anything else?

How about a lyuda in OP8. If not I can give it to you now and I’ll just let you know later.

I have an accuracy + fire Lyuda in OP8.

That’s perfect! Send me an FR with the description of what you need so I know which one. Thanks.

Can’t get on right now but want a legendary nurse OP8 with hopefully near max health regen

Not sure about the near max health regen but you can it have nonetheless. Just send an fr so You can see when I’m on so you can take it off my hands.

Bruinlad psn?

psn is pookie151

Sending you an fr