LF OP8 Norfleet

Title says it all. I’m looking for an OP Norfleet, Preferably Corrosive but I will take any. I have ALOT to trade, too much to list. If you’re looking for something specific and have a Norfleet you would be willing to trade or give to me, just let me know and I’d be glad to hear offers.

P.S. The Norfleet doesn’t HAVE to be OP8 but I would really like it to be. The minimum I’m looking for is OP6. Reply to me here and let me know what you got :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bunch of norfleets - one of which is corrosive and OP8.

I’m looking for any of the following:

Dahl predator skin for the commando

OP8 Slippery ogre.

Interested in any of those mate?

My GT is ABigRedMonster.

I have all element in op8 Im looking for true neutral monk with 6 money shot a Allegiance Relic with torge mag size op8 magic missile x4 op 8 chain lighting