LF: OP8 Sawbar FT: Mods,Legendaries, Grenades + More!

Sup Vault Hunters! I’m looking for a OP8 Sawbar for my Siren, If somebody has a perfect version would be awesome! I have for trade:

-Siren Mods
-Gunzerker Mods
-Any Norfleet (slag,electric, fire, corrosive)
-94% Sham Shield
-Grounded Bee Shield
-DPUH with Jackobs sights
-Grog Nozzle with Jackobs sights
-Conference Call
-Some grenade mods (magic missile, fire bee, Meteor, etc)
-Tubby Maya Skin

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If you have one and are interested send me a message on PSN, my ID is xXVergiliusXx

“Normal” Norfleets are hacked. Do not trade these here.