LF OP8 shock flying sandhawk dahl parts

Looking for a specific weapon for an all-purpose role with my shock trooper commando build. Plenty to trade, although some things are out of my reach as a solo player (norfleet) reply with requests/offers and I’ll contact ASAP. GT is EG Jericho

Why is a Norfleet out of your reach as a solo player? Hyperius isn’t hard.

Then I’m evidently terrible at the game because I can’t manage to trash him solo with my commando. If I could handily toss him around I assure you, norfleets would be the first offer I made in exchange for the absurd request.

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I have a flying sand hawk, not really sure on the parts but you can have it. I’m also not sure about the element but it might be shock. I’ll check

I’d be greatly appreciative if it’s a flying shock, I couldn’t personally care less abiut the parts, I just heard you get extra bullets in your bursts if it has dahl parts.

Hey sorry for the wait had a crazy day at work, anyways I have a stopping sand hawk that does shock and a flying sand hawk that does incendiary damage which you’re more than welcome to have. I’ll be on the lockout for the specific version you need though

I think it’s the stock that gives the extra shot. A matching grip gives bonus mag size and reload speed.

I would be immensely grateful. I’ll be on as soon as i can, rough night
getting the kiddo to bed and tornado warnings, yada yada.

I’ll be on for a while no worries I’ll see if I can catch you

you caught my attention with this. Love it too much. I got you. Hit me up and I can help you with what you’re looking for. Got a ton of gear on multiple mules.

GT: Kurtdawg13
I’ll be online in about 3.5 hours.

I have a soft spot for gaming parents. :wink:


Awesome seeing this, I too have a little 2nd generation vault hunter at home

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Haven’t really interacted with you a lot here but it’s awesome seeing how helpful you are to others. I the generosity you show others returns to you in some way! Keep it going!

I’ll give you a peak into my life…

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Well, to be totally honest, it’s hardly being a “gaming parent” because at
5, she’s either got all my attention or she’s asleep or at school, making
it either “gamer” OR “parent” lol. When she’s ready, she’ll more’n likely
get her own account with dear old dad, but her mom’s significantly more
reserved about gaming age.