LF OP8 Slippery Ogre

Hi I am looking to trade someone for an OP8 Slippery Ogre for my axton. I am on Xbox One and my gamertag is CanTown Mayor.

Some gear I have to trade are:

  • Prudential Norfleet ( OP6 corrosive)
  • The Sham (OP8 94% absorb chance)
  • Practicable Interfacer (OP8 Fire)
  • Binary Grog Nozzle (OP8)
  • Rightsizing Bitch (OP8 Slag)
  • Proactive Actualizer (OP8 fire)
  • Shock and Fire Storm (OP8)
  • The Bee (OP8, Immunity to Corrosive Damage)
  • Legendary Soldier, Pointman, Ranger mods (OP4-5)
  • Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold (OP8)
  • Explosive Relic (36%)