LF OP8 Sniper Zero Guns,Mods etc

I kind of don’t like asking for loot because I’ve done it lately but looking for op8 sniper zero guns (list below) just got my zero to op8 and frankly even with the increased drop rate still can’t get sh*t. I gotplenty of guns if you need and many of maxed out mods. Anyways looking for the following
-Snider’s (all elements)
-Lyudas (all elements)
-Chaotic evil rogue
-Legendary Sniper
-Pimernels (All elements)
I’m having trouble thinking of more, but I’m trying to follow the basic outline of the MOLMF (Man of low moral fiber)s sniper because wow… Strong, anyways hit me up if you got any good sniper zero stuff and I’ll gladly give stuff in return.

Add me psn. Ninjazoncrak

I can help