LF OP8 Weapons Take a look for trades

Ogre, Lead Storm, Fire CC, Corrosive CC, Fire Sandhawk, Fire Infinity, might be up for other trades let me know what you have.

What I have:

Purginig infinity corrosive
Vengeful infinity elec
Guiless florentine
Potential butcher cors
Floated hornet
Breach veruc
Puissant nor fleet exp,and cors
Extendified gub
Dead shot hammer buster
Consummate hellfire
China in skull smasher
Akurate slagga
Practical CC elec
Potent swordsplosion
Stopping SH cors, elec
Flying SH slag
Punctilious grog nozzle
Legendary engineer class mod Axton
Legendary soldier class mod
Sticky lobbed o negative
Magic missle x 4
Longbow storm front
Incendiary fastball
Hop lite
Neogenator 68%
Sham 94%

I have fire cc, corrosive cc, and fire infinity. all op8. ill give all o them if u can powr level my lawbringer to 70 in TPS.

I haven’t even started TPS yet.