LF OPQ 9k yeah same thing everyone is grinding for

LF OPQ 9k 2X with either 300/90 or while action skill is active +200% damage

If you have one you can part with I can see if there’s any thing in my vault that you need just letme, know

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I have a opq system 9232x2 200asa if your still looking buddy

Yeah still looking and that would be perfect!

Got any of the mayhem 6+ weapons with 300/90 or 50 health 150 radiation? Or a x2 yellowcake with the same annoits

I’m looking for about the same yellowcake i will check my vault when i get on i just dumped a decent amount of guns in there. any thing specific your looking for?

A sandhawk,monarch or a plaugebearer with the under 50 health 150 radiation would be awesome buddy,no rush at all :slight_smile:

Well a boom sickle is on my to do list so I will keep a eye out

And whats you GT I know I have at least a monarch or 2 i can send you way. No sandhawk atm I have had zero luck there.

What’s that about a boom sickle?,I have several lol. My gt is ChilledFish88 I believe we’ve traded before. I’ll over the opq soon buddy.
Kagawa jr drops the least dedicateds for me aswell

Jumping on now buddy to send the opq

Got it and I just sent a m6 and m10 monarch your way. their nothing to special but the m6+ weapons have bad do rates