LF OPQ and Yellowcake

Hello Friends

does anyone have an opq or yellowcake left over that they don’t use and that they want to donate to me?
I have m8 items but I can’t farm these m10 weapons

gamertag: Luislak

Some of the M10s aren’t as good as the M9s… random parts are random.

Looking for specific stats or anoints? I have some extras on mules that dropped in M10 I can probably send your way, if you’re picky though I’m not as sure.

I’m at work now but will be on this evening.

opq with 200% skill
yellowcake with 300% above 90% health

but if you don’t have those, it could be other

I have spares of both I think if your still needing them

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Yes, I still need them, because I couldn’t farm


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Cool I’ll send both to you shortly

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Also I have a trade post running check it out if your interested in trades :slight_smile:

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Sent buddy

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thank you very much, sure I will look at the post

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No worries dude enjoy :smiley: