LF OPQ, here's what I have

Looking for OPQ, or other SMGs not listen below.

I have:

Melty Dayumned Yellowcake rad, ASA 75% wep dmg to bosses
Melty Dayumned Yellowcake rad, under 50% health deal 150%rad dmg
Ruby’s Wrath 16282*7 dmg, SNTNL 100% cryo
Ruby’s Wrath

Quickdraw Monocle 5734 dmg, 300* inc wep dmg
Expert ASMD shock(6895), SNTL 100 cryo dmg
Krovvy Lyuda SNTNL 100% dmg
Krakatoa incendiary ASA 200%
Krakatoa incendiary SNTNL cryo 100

Powerhouse Bitch 300% inc wep dmg
Dangerous Devoted cryo ASA wep dmg 200%
Also have many cutsman, redistributors, and night hawkin
Crossroad shock, dmg*3, SNTNL 100 cryo
Hyperfocus XZ41 radiation, ASE 100% wep dmg
Hyperfocus kinetic SNTNL 100 cryo
Hyperfocus shock cons hits dmg inc

Faisor incendiary SNTNL 100 cryo
Breath of Dying corrosive SNTNL 100 cryo
NoPewPew ASA
Soulrender cryo SNTNL 100 cryo
Molten Boom Sickle incendiary (dmg*10), SNTNL 100 cryo
Sickle 10 kinetic SNTNL 100 cryo
Vengeful Sickle ASE 100%
Alchemist Incendiary 300% wep dmg above 90%
Star Helix dmg
3, kinetic, ASA 200% wep dmg

Lob corrosive SNTNL 100 cryo
Lob cryo SNTNL 100 cryo

I have some old god shields, Power Jacker Fish Slap grenade mod(ASA 150%), recurring Hex, Longbow grenade mods(30% and 60% shield healing)

I have OPQ system with the following anointments…

under50% health/150% rad

Let me know what you think.

PSN Renovatio_Zero

Soulrender cryo sntnl cryo 100 full auto?

I have the OPQ with asa 200% weapon dmg, 150% rad dmg while <50% health, asa reduce incoming dmg, and asa trigger novas.

I like the OPQ 200. What do you want for it?

Is your cryo Lob SNTNL from m10?

I have a feeling no, the M10 Lob I have has shock dmg for Zane (130% digi-clone swap dmg)

Do you still have these opq

Yes I do.