LF opq m6 with 300/90 anoint

I dont do M10 just stay at 6 so cant offer anything higher than that but if your hunting anything that mayhem i can check. Plus these drop rates SUCK, im not farming for 2 more till this event is over! Unless you have spares laying around. GT; yipikiya

I have a mayhem 10 opq system 7267x2 while action skill active dmg increase by 200% if that’s any good

It would but i dont have much to trade for it my friend. What are you looking for?

You can have it dont worry :blush:

Sent it buddy, enjoy

Also if you need help bumping up to mayhem 10 will help out with items you need

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Cool man your awesome! Will see after these next few updates. I tried it at first but didnt like the spongy feeling lol. Thanks a lot!!!

No problem at all :blush::+1: Its kinda easy when you get good stuff.
Just let me know whenever and I’ll help you out wherever I can

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Will do sir.

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I have a M4 one with 300/90 I dont use anymore.

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Would really love an m6 since thats where i stay. Really appreciate that tho but probably wont use it much.

I wasn’t looking to trade it. Was going to give away to a good home.
It carried me past M6. I was one shotting Kat Jr with it at M10.

I mean I have a M10 version of the 300/90 OPQ. Has a low mag though.

If your offering the M10 what can i see if i have for it? Dont do any M10.

Hope that was U.
Check your mail.

Lol i will later. Im at work but ill let you know either way. Thank you very much!