LF Otto Idol with Assault Rifle Damage

Looking for a Otto Idol with assault rifle damage and 2 other good stats. Have lots to trade, let me know what you need.

PSN: Mattgamer87


I’ve got this one if you’re interested.

looking for transformer with ase fire,corrosive or radiation, or homing mirv tediore shotguns with ase splash damage or anything that’s good

Well I got transformer with shock ase or a ton of guns with good anoints what other guns you need

Do you have any good anointed Cutsmans,redistributes, or d.p. lasersploders?or anointed Hex nades

Got lots of cutsman and redistributors with sntl and shock recurring hex with incendiary dmg for 10 sec

You have a fire redistributer for sntl if not I’d trade for the Hex.

No sry, I’ll trade the hex for it

Sounds good I’ll be on in bit and send it over.

What’s your psn

Psn is CaptainHowdy_1 we traded yesterday.Item has been sent.


Still looking for a different one like Snowdrift or last stand, soooo bump


I’ll keep my eyes peeled for ya Mattgamer87.

In the meantime, I’m looking for a 53 Maggie and Cutsmans with cryo anointment.

Also 53 Maggie with 100% damage ASE

You Rick bro!!!

PSN - Mourning6lory

123 bump


I’ll send you a friend request tonight after work. Again, my psn is Mourning6lory.

You ROCK!!!