LF Outlaw Head (Moze DLC3)

I am looking for the Moze DLC3 head: Outlaw. I’m on PS4. I have a spare Killer Kitsune (Siren) to trade. My PSN ID is Jyrakos.

UPDATE: Got one. Thanks!

Do you have shock Sandhawk with sntnl cryo?

No. I don’t currently have any guns for trade (besides being able to dupe what I’m using, like the Fire M10 Flipper). I’m looking for the cosmetic head.

I have a spare one, that’s why I asked. Maybe you have spare Devil Tooth trinket?
BTW, read forum rules, duping is not allowed.

Gotcha. I missed that duping isn’t allowed, so I’ll be sure to follow those rules. But yeah, I just started farming Ruiner, so I don’t even know what to save to trade. So I don’t have any non-cosmetic items to trade right now.