LF partners to farm TVHM raid bosses, possibly more (European time)

Hello everyone,

I know I’m coming late to the party, but I’m actively looking for players who’d be interested in farming TVHM raid bosses (Terramorphous, Pyro Pete, etc.) on a regular basis - at first. The idea would be to build a small team (2 to 4) and help one another get the items we need.

If things go well, we could keep the same team and play together through UVHM, and eventually raid the UVHM bosses together, in time.

As mentioned in the title, I’m playing in the European timezone, mostly in the evenings. If you are interested, make sure this is a good timeframe for you.

I’m playing a Siren (currently 54, Ruin/Converge/Res build, of course willing to respec to bring something sensible to the team.

If you’re interested, please add me on steam (ID: lithrac3978 ), or indicate your steamID in your reply here.

Looking forward to playing with you!

I´m already full equipped and 72/8 but i would help if you want.
SteamID: meiyouan

And you can´t be too old or late for BL^^


Hi Meiy,

Thanks a lot for your proposition, I’ll make sure to add you and contact you online. I’m looking forward to it!


Hey hello , could i still join for coop?
i currently have a lvl 57 mechromancer
SteamID: spiky1996

Hi maikelvl21,

Gladly! I’ll add you as soon as I’m online. Looking forward to playing with you!

I may be 181 days late… Get it? May? hehe. Can i join too?