LF **PC** Queens call Radiation ''anointement siren'' And other items!

I’m looking for these:

  • Queens call Radiation* (Anointement siren: +300% Weapon damage after phaseslam)

  • The bullet vaccuum recharger (Anointement siren)

  • Any element crossroads SMG (Anointement if possible)

  • binary mocking cutsman (Fire element) + (Anointement if possible)

Let me know what you are looking for, I have quite alot of legendaries to trade.

I have all of those without annointsments + shock king’s call with 300% after phase slam.
Looking for elemental projector deathless artifact and a good bloodletter classmod.

I’m pretty sure I have both! I would have to check tho, I’m at work right now but I can go home if you’re online.

Just tell me when you have checked, I’m not in a hurry.

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Bloodletter deathless

Sorry, don’t need the mod and was looking for an elemental projector deathless, not just any deathless.
Got an annointed Re-Router, Scourge or Hive?

Got the hive , (not anointed)
No scourge , and i’m also looking for a Re-router.

I have most of the most requested legendaries! if you guys want !

also , i will concider the not anointed versions of what i asked.