LF Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge (pref mag size and fire rate lv 65)

Been searching for a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge with magazine size and fire rate. I have some decent items to trade. Message me on here or Xbox.
GT is the same as here.

Hello, I have the pearl your looking for. Any chance you have consecutive hits or urad boom sickles. Version 0.m with action skill start annoint or good flesh melter, ice breaker or atom balm - victory rush, otto idol or deathless?

I’ll have to take take a look later, don’t remember what my version 0.m dropped with. I can also show you what artifacts your looking for dropped with

-Version 0m
ASE damage reduction 13%
-Flesh melter moxxis endowment
Sniper damage
Ffyl duration
Exp gain (plus the moxxis)
-Flesh melted rocket boots
Movement speed
Cryo efficiency
Corrosive damage
-ice breaker white elephant
Action skill cd rate
Rad damage
Corrosive resistance
Its all I got for those
All lv 65

Dang, items weren’t good enough :sweat_smile:

I have one, and am willing to trade.

I’m looking for: Low level purple jacobs shotgun with 21/25 pellets, good cosmic stalker/peregrine/bounty hunters, good stinger, good version om, frozen heart with terror bullet deflection or ammo regen, whispering ice with ASE apply terror, Old Gods with ASE elements, Fire and Cryo old gods with Terror Ammo Regen, Terror cryo Unforgiven or URAD unforgiven, Terror Cryo Hellwalker and Psycho stabber

Also looking for ASE N2M, terror cryo or consec hits, Monarchs/Light shows/Gargoyle/Flippers, and any meta fl4k gun with terror cryo.

But honestly, if you don’t have anything, I’ll just give the pearl to you, because ■■■■ farming for that things.

I’ll look at what terror items I have, no promises though

I have the Pearl lvl 65, mag size and fire rate. WIlling to give it away. Either find me on Steam via Cosmetics Collection Guide, or add this nickname (LordCoronavirus) and add in-game. :slight_smile:

Don’t have the weapons you are looking for but u have a good amount of cosmic stalkers and bounty hunters

No idea how to work it around steam and I can’t find you in xbox to add

Hey sorry man I forgot all about the pearl. what’s your gt

GT: MasterBitto

I never said I’m on xbox, I gave my game tag so you can find directly via the game itself, oh well.

Sent the pearl. Sorry it took a while

I have one, any URAD weapons?